Hello beautiful.

Let's meet IRL and get those brows sorted, quick sticks!

At Brow Lust we specialise in our specific Brow Lust Signature Sculpt. Please note that when you book in with Brow Lust, you are receiving the highest level of care with your skin and brow needs.

We use only the highest quality imported wax, our pre and post wax products are hypoallergenic, natural and nourishing. We spend the time to map out your brows each time you visit. This ensures symmetry and your most flattering brow shape. Each appointment takes from 30-45 minutes depending on the service you book. We will Cleanse, Measure, Use our Customised tinting technique, Wax + Pluck to perfection, and at your demise we will show you how to fill your brows in with products best suited for you. Each appointment is custom to each client, we care for the individuality of our clients skin and brow hairs.

All staff are trained by Brow Lust owner and creative director Veronica, in her exclusive technique that ensures the most flattering brow for your face shape, tailored to your growth or preferences and even symmetrical brows! 

This ensures that no matter who you see, you'll receive the same sculpt and service each time.

Appointment Etiquette

  • For our health and safety; If you arrive to your appointment sick or bring in sick children, our staff have the right to refuse service.

  • If you have visited us before, but not had a Brow Lust Signature Sculpt for 4 months (or more) please book as a 'New Client' as we will need to re-map your brow shape.

  • Please allow enough time for traffic / parking. We are unable to accomodate late arrivals.

  • Brow Lust staff may not be able to watch over your littles during your appointment, so please ensure they're near yourself or in their pram under your watchful eye. Bring as many toys and snacks as you please!

  • To avoid a chemical colour reaction please do spray tans after your brow appointment and let your stylist know.

Please read our FAQ's page and our Terms and Conditions page prior to booking your appointment with us.


  • AS OF JULY 1ST 2019 THERE IS A $2 PRICE INCREASE ON ALL SIGNATURE SCULPTS. If you have a booking from 1/7/19 the price will be updated onto your service.

Appointment Changes- You can change your booking directly from your confirmation email.

If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch. Our salon contact details are;

Text: 0437 796 415

Email: info@browlust.com.au

These are responded to by our Brow Lust team. See you soon!



Sunday Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday: 9 - 8
Wednesday: 9 - 8
Thursday: 9 - 5:30
Friday: 9 - 5
Saturday: 9 - 4

*Hours are subject to change without notice. Please call the salon first if you would like to come in to buy products/vouchers.