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Let's meet IRL and get those brows sorted, quick sticks!

At Brow Lust we specialise in our specific Brow Lust Signature Sculpt. Our sculpt includes brows measured specifically to your face shape, precision waxing, customised tinting, tweezing and trimming then showing our clients how to fill their brows in to enhance their beautiful shape! 

All staff are trained by Brow Lust owner and creative director Veronica, in her exclusive technique that ensures the most flattering brow for your face shape, tailored to your growth or preferences and even symmetrical brows! 

This ensures that no matter who you see, you'll receive the same sculpt and service each time.

Want to see all available bookings? Click 'No Preference.' We have extra Lash Lift appointments available after hours and on Mondays by appointment only. Please text 0437 796 415 to enquire.

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If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch. Our salon contact details are;

Text: 0437 796 415

Email: info@browlust.com.au

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