Hello Beauty! We've got a few things we want to let you know prior to your appointment. Even if you're one of our returning clients, some things have recently changed and we want to keep you in the loop!

Please read this full page, it won't take long :)

Arrival time, Late policy & Re-scheduling 

So that we can give you the best possible service at Brow Lust, we kindly ask that you aim to be here 10 minutes prior to your appointment. This will give you enough time to find a park and fill out any forms we have.

We do need your full appointment time to guarantee our service, unfortunately a late arrival can result in a rushed service/ not having a complete sculpt. Depending on how late, we have the right to refuse service due to our 30minute appointment time :( 

We require 24hrs notice to move/cancel your booking for curtesy of your stylist. This also gives our other clients a chance to get in.


Waxing is considered a trauma to the skin. Reactions, infections and allergies can occur up to 48hrs after your appointment. You agree to follow aftercare instructions and take full responsibility of looking after the waxed area post appointment. 

By booking in with Brow Lust you release Brow Lust Pty Ltd & its staff of any liability caused by waxing, tinting, lash lifts.

We request you come in 24hrs prior to your appointment to get a test patch for allergies, clients take full responsibility for any allergic reaction if no test patch has been conducted.


We understand finding someone to look after your little one may not be an option. Brow Lust staff may not be able to watch over your littles during your appointment, so please ensure they're near yourself or in their pram under your watchful eye. Bring as many toys and snacks as you please!

Our shop is concrete floors and unfortunately all our furniture is not child proof. Please also keep in mind Lash Lifts are an hour long service in which your eyes remain shut the whole time. Brow Lust is not liable for any injuries and any damages cause by children are at your expense.


We unfortunately are not a pet friendly salon due to our open shop and Health & Safety regulations.

Skin Medications / Skin Creams / Botox / Fake Tan

Skin medications/creams sensitise the skin and may result in reactions from waxing. Please let us know as we are more than happy to tweeze your brows to perfection. Please also let us know if you change your skincare products.

You must wait 14 days after botox to book in with us for any service.

Fake tan - As much as we love to tan, please avoid tanning near your brows before or after your appointment as you run the risk of your tint turning yellow/orange/green. No joke :(

Brow Sculpts

If it has been 4 months or more since your last visit with us, you will be charged the extra $10 in salon as we will need to re-map your brow shape. If you're a New Customer, we are so excited to have you part of our squad! Its going to take us 2-3 appointments to really get to know your brows. We'll give you a preference form as soon as you arrive so have a think about what you would like to achieve with your eyebrows! Returning/regular clients, thanks for reading this far.... good job! :)

Lash Lifts

We LOVE this service, but there are a few requests we need you to follow the day of your Lash Lift. There can be no lash extensions on your eyes, not even 1. You must have these removed by a lash extension technician as we don't do lashes here and we do not have the proper tools. If you come in with any lash extensions on, we have the right to refuse service with loss of your deposit. Please avoid energy drinks or coffee prior to this treatment as it prevents your eyes from relaxing. This is an intricate chemical service on your eyes. we want to avoid any risks of the solution moving into your eyes. We require no eye makeup and no contacts for your appointment. Please arrive early if you need to remove either of these as unfortunately we don't have time during your appointment to do so.

Where are you located?

The salon location is 6b/8 Navigator Place Hendra. Please note, we are inside the complex - 8 Navigator Place. The second shop on your left with our large sign above the door. There are 5 allocated car parks & street parking available! SATURDAYS AND LATE NIGHTS - We are the only shop open, so feel free to park in any carpark in the complex. 

How do we contact you?

You can send an email to info@browlust.com.au or you can also contact us on our salon phone during trading hours: 0437 796 415